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Strategy UI/UX January 3, 2022

Trint Mobile Live


Trint want to re-create the mobile app, We proposed two parallel tracks, one for releasing the app to more and more users, and the other for ‘launching’ the app with more marketing activity. These activities do not need to be coupled.

  • Strategy

    UX Strategy

  • Design

    UX/UI Design, User research

  • Role

    Leading design / supporting research


Grow the business by 30% ARR.

User needs:

At this stage, it’s unknown. We need to align business goals with user needs. 

Previous App: 

  1. We don’t have a coherent vision for what the app should be
  2. Quality of the app for what it is could be higher

Aim is to have a high quality version of what the app should be.

This quarter is about making sure we know what the app should be, and to take steps to start get us there.


Old / New app

The average App Units per month for 2020/2021 is 614. Without having tried to move this number before, it is difficult to set a threshold for success, but given the lack of emphasis placed on this in the past, it feels reasonable to aim for a 50% increase, setting the goal at 900 per month, with a stretch of 1,000.

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Let's do this!

Design Process

Goal: Define the need of mobile live for users, enterprise and self serve customers.

The background?

We wanted to expedite users workflows from the initial stages of recording live to receiving their transcription.

Our enterprise users are the likes of AP, New York Times, Google, Airbnb & Nike, all with unique use cases, I.e AP need live transcription at the European parliament.


  • App in total: 1,700 users per month / 500 per week
  • Audio Recorder: 500 per month / 170 per week
  • File Importing:  290 / 75 per week
  • Call Recording:  60 / 20 per week

User interviews / surveys 

If we were to decide to implement realtime on mobile, it is vital that we understand precisely which problem(s) we are solving for our users and why – they drastically impact how we would think about solutions. We also need to deeply understand these problems so we are confident that our solutions actually solve them (and that we don’t unnecessarily build something more complex than we need to). We should make this decision by talking to the intended end users of the feature, not by talking to their department heads/similar. Alternatively, we could use our own intuition and decide which of these we are solving for.

Started with the problem statements:

  1. Users can’t capture their media easily
  2. Users find it takes a long time to get their transcripts
  3. Users already have a tried-and-tested workflow which the Trint app is not part of

Aimed to frame these as user outcomes that we want to achieve. A user outcome is an aspirational statement written from the perspective user about their experience.

Output including dot voting on our favourites:

possible solution could look like this (although in order to assess how well it meets the user needs we’d need to conduct significant user research):

  1. Implement an on-device transcription service

  2. Find a way to inject that transcript into the Trint Realtime Editor live

  3. Broadcast the audio/video live

  4. Save the audio/video locally to the device

  5. At the end of the broadcast substitute the streamed video for the complete video

To outline various potential paths forward for the mobile app, and (hopefully) to align on what to do next.

Test the hypothesis of mobile live, are we doing this for the business, do users really need this feature?

Built a new UI/UX


Optimising our user experience backed by data of app usage, users were Recording, uploading and browsing their files mostly on the app.

This became Trints most downloaded app till date. 
  • Goal: 1,200 customers per week using our mobile apps (old and new combined)
  • Baseline (from old app): 400 per week
Almost every day we are setting a new record for the most users ever to have used Trint mobile apps in the preceding week
Trint app presented at IBC

IBC 9th-12th Sept Amsterdam: Trint leap back into attending and hosting a booth at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam this past weekend after 3 years. IBC had 37,071 attendees from over 170 countries with 1000+ exhibitors showcasing innovation and cutting-edge technology in the content space.

End to End Mobile app
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