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Strategy UI/UX January 3, 2022

Trint Story Builder


We believe that by rebuilding our story builder, we are helping users with crafting problems, particularly the ability to edit faster.

  • Strategy

    UX Strategy

  • Design

    UX/UI Design, User research

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Open Project

Goal: Increase the % of weekly users who craft a narrative


Stories as a “feature” are still relatively new in Trint. We want to better understand how people use stories, how the stories functionality has been adopted so far and how it might help users with their workflows. 


Problem statements

  • The discoverability of the current story space remains very low
  • The flow into the story space is not intuitive for new users.
  • Within the story, existing users of stories cannot perform quick edits to the stories they’ve created;

We would like our product to be used earlier in the workflow, rather than just as a transcription tool.

User research

Research approach

  1. 33 in-depth interviews 
  2. Task analysis


  • Understand users’ workflows and how, if at all, they vary depending on industry and team size
  • Understand where Trint helps in their workflow and identify potential areas to improve upon 
  • Investigate and build out the 6-step workflow (capture – transcribe – craft – review – refine – publish)
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Design Process


We believe that by introducing a new approach to story builder, we are helping users with some of these problems, particularly the ability to edit faster.


  1. Focus on improving the three core tasks and their subtasks (transcribe, choose material and correct transcripts)
  2. Investigate how users review their content (whether in stories or not)*
  3. Build out the subtasks of the tasks of the workflow that users don’t use Trint for to see if there are any potential solution areas
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Competitor Landscape

Let's do this!

Moving forward..

  • The story builder has a lot of potential when it comes to improved editing within the story space.
  • However, in its current format it also has some limitations:
    • Most participants initially didn’t know where and how to start with it; They did not immediately link search to the editorial space;
    • Editorial space was lacking a framework;
    • The flow into the Story Builder is still problematic; Existing users of stories still found it more intuitive to work from selection > story rather than populate an empty space with quotes found by searching

Problem: The discoverability of the current story space remains very low

Solution: We built an In App message, when a user enters the platform and has not interacted with our story builder, coupled with an onboarding walkthrough.

Problem: Editorial space is lacking framework


Old vs New Story builder
Before After